Information and Awareness Onboarding on Security Risks

About the Course

In order to reinforce the security management in the deteriorated context of the Ukrainian emergency mission, we want to provide an online onboarding to ensure that all OCB staff working in Ukraine have access to the essential security information to be provided by OCB HQ. 


This course is aimed at MSF OCB Staff responding to the Ukraine Crisis. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this onboarding, participants will be:  

  1. introduced to the deteriorated Ukrainian context and the consequences on our ops/security approach
  2. reminded of the guiding principles and golden rules for security management at MSF OCB
  3. presented with the major risks identified by the team in the field during the current period, and 
  4. provided with key information on do's and don'ts in relation to different risks

List of Contents

  • MSF risk management approach in a war context
  • MSF golden rules linked to risk management
  • MSF responsibility and staff own responsibility in regard to risk management
  • Major risks identified by field in Ukraine
  • How to react measures: Tips & Tricks


Upon successful completion by achieving a minimum 60% in the knowledge check, participants will be awarded a badge. 


To partake in this training, please contact: