Ukraine Crisis Onboarding Portal

About the Course

This onboarding is meant for MSF OCB international staff joining the interventions in and around the war in Ukraine. It consists of videos addressing the context of the Ukraine Crisis, and a selection of e-learning courses on some fundamental concepts that apply in this context.

This onboarding does not replace in-person briefings, but serves as a foundation to get on board.


This resource is aimed at MSF OCB international staff joining MSF activities in or around Ukraine.

Learning Objectives

The objective is for MSF to be able to:

  • explain some basic roots to the conflict
  • explain the legal framework for MSF activities
  • explain basics on how to protect oneself

List of Contents

Content will evolve depending on context and activities implemented in the field.


No certification will be awarded. Completion of the briefings will be checked by the taskforce before you depart to the field.


This onboarding portal is accessible only to people identified and matched for a position in or around Ukraine. An enrolment key (password) is required and will be shared by the OCB Ukraine Taskforce (or Development Advisors and Career Managers) with these people exclusively.