معلومات عن الدورة التدريبية

Each part is introduced by a Video – a testimony from the field about the topic you are going to go through.

Each module is done the same way – Introduction to the topic – A quest (either in your mission physical documents or in MSF knowledge platform – A challenge with questions and exercises)

Anytime you can ask for Help by clinking on the “HELP” button at the end of each module

Duration of the course

6 hours

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to integrate all supply chain processes according to the MSF Supply chain guideline, to support medical and logistics operations

List of Contents

7 parts

1.     Supply Operations

2.     Collaborative planning and definition of needs

3.     Procurement

4.     Transport

5.     Customs

6.     Stock Management

7.     Supply Information Systems

All modules are stand alone – we can either start from the beginning or pick up 1  module depending on needs.

How to enrol



Badge and certificate

Who is this course for ?

The E-Nitial Supply Chain Management training is designed for new collaborator in the MSF Supply Chain and non-supply collaborators. It is an introduction to the MSF Supply chain allowing all participant to understand the impact of each step of the supply chain on the operations


By the manager on site