Patient Support Education and Counselling (PSEC)
Welcome to the E-learning course on PSEC: Patient Support, Education, and Counselling.

This course has been designed for any medical health worker, counsellors, and educators as an introduction to PSEC. It is an inter-sectional training, developed by OCP, OCG and OCB and is open to everyone with an interest in Patient Support Education and Counselling.

A face-to-face PSEC training is also available to learn how to develop and implement PSEC activities for adult and children/adolescent in HIV, Hepatitis, TB & NCD projects, to improve adherence to treatment and retention in care. If you would like to follow this face-to-face training, please contact your manager or your pool manager.

This Course is made up of 8 E-learning modules that are between 20 and 60 minutes long.


Medical health worker, counsellors, and educators. 


The 8 E-learning modules will introduce you to the key concepts in Patient Support Education and Counselling. The modules are:

  • M1: Patient Support Education and Counselling definition
  • M2: Communication skills (Part 1 and 2)
  • M3: Step 1 - Patient’s Needs Assessment
  • M4: Step 2 - Individually tailored PSEC session plan
  • M5: Step 4 - Assessment and Adherence
  • M6: Children and adolescents’ specificities
  • M7: Disclosure for children
  • M8: Preparing and animating a PSEC group session


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Badge available upon completion of e-learning modules. 

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