Introduction to Sexual Reproductive Health

About the Course

Introduction to Sexual Reproductive Health is aimed at new departure staff and has two components: a link to the eSRH basic course developed by OCA and OCBA and a video about SAC produced by the SAC Task Force. 

The eSRH basic course is a self-paced online training exploring the components of the MSF Reproductive Health (SRH) as well as strategies for implementation. 

The SAC briefing video will explore the forgotten emergency of unsafe abortion and the MSF’s policy and reasons for providing safe abortion care. 


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This course is aimed to all MSF staff. 


5 hours

Learning Objectives

For the eSRH modules the learning objectives are: 

  • Introduce participants to essential documents and intervention strategies. 
  • Improve understanding of interventions that have direct and indirect impacts on maternal and neonatal mortality. 

For the SAC video the learning objectives are: 

  • To describe the forgotten emergency of unsafe abortion 
  • To explain MSF’s reasons for providing safe abortion care

List of Contents

For the eSRH: 

  • Module A1: Overview of SRH in MSF Contexts 
  • Module A2: Overview of Maternal and Neonatal Mortality
  • Module A4: Respectful Maternity Care 

 For the SAC video: 

  • Global burden of unsafe abortion 
  • Defining safe abortion 
  • MSF policy on safe abortion care 
  • MSF approach to increasing access to safe abortion care 
  • The way forward