Sexual Violence Self Learning

About the Course

Sexual violence requires specific humanitarian approaches based on an adequate, adapted and comprehensive prevention and assistance response in order to save lives, alleviate suffering and maximize protection. By essence the issue can only be addressed through a multidisciplinary and systemic approach.


This course has a task or problem based learning approach in which the participants will have to produce certain products related to a sexual violence case or context. The course also includes self-learning, quizzes and interactional activities. T

Who is this course addressed to

  • Medical (all profiles) and non-medical profiles
  •  First mission or experienced staff


In order to get PASS qualification it will be necessary:

  • Every Module has a final quiz. To pass the quiz is needed a minimum of 100% score.


Once you have passed the course, you will receive a certificate and a Badge.

Learning Objectives

The overall objective is to enable the setup of multidisciplinary activities to address sexual violence in MSF projects, including legal and security aspects. This will be done by providing background information and tools to medical and non-medical staff at all levels.