Vaccination Campaign App (OCBA)

About the Course

The Vaccination Campaign App (VCA) is an easy-to-use tool integrated into HMIS for real-time vaccination campaign management and monitoring. The app provides several functionalities, like campaign creation, setting the different target populations by age and distribution, a data entry functionality, and a specific pre-generated dashboard of your vaccination campaigns. 

These learning resources are targeted for the following profiles: Data Encoder, Epidemiologist, Medco, PMR, Tesacos, and other medical profiles involved in the vaccination campaign. 

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Learning Objectives

With these resources, the learner will be able to:

●     Create a campaign in the VCA.

●     Set up the target population of the Vaccination Campaign.

●     Enter the data related to the Vaccination Campaign.

●     Edit and interpret the VCA Dashboard.

List of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Campaign Creation
  • Set target population
  • Data entry
  • Dashboard
  • Userguide