Quality Improvement in Healthcare

About the Course

How to improve quality of care together? In the previous module “The Fundamentals of Quality of Care” you learned how quality is defined, what contributes to it in healthcare, and what is meant by culture of quality. In this course you will learn how to manage quality challenges as a team, how to conduct a root cause analysis, how to adapt your improvements according to your root causes, how to make sure your actions are working, and how to ensure sustained change.

Learning Objectives

This module gives field staff in supervisory and/or managerial positions an introduction to Quality Improvement by using the Model for Improvement used by MSF. This method provides a method to tackle quality gaps or problems as a team, in their project, using this method. 

List of Contents

After completing this course, the participants will be able to: 

·Describe Quality Improvement (QI) and how it is an important part of any activity

Clearly describe what a quality problem is and understand the different ways to identify problems

Apply a method to prioritize problems if there are many  

With a case-study provided in the module (accessible to all staff, even non-medical), use the Model for Improvement.

This includes: 

·Doing a Root Cause Analysis 

·Defining action points for the root causes

·Building a simple Improvement plan (that includes PDSA for PLAN-DO-STUDY-ACT): with deadlines and people in charge 

·Developing measurements/indicators for monitoring improvement 

Describe the follow-up for an improvement plan and understand the cyclic nature of PDSA:

Describe the importance of a strong and respectful leadership. 

Define Change Management and apply this to QI

Describe how to give feed-back to a team: How, what, where and when   

Describe the importance of giving feedback on QI to patients and communities


To get access to this course, you first need to complete the course “The Fundamentals of Quality of Care”. 

When you have completed all the modules in The Fundamentals of Quality of Care you will see the enrolment key for this course in the instructions at the bottom of the course in a section called "What´s next?".


1 badge for The Fundamentals of quality of care + 1 badge for Quality Improvement in Healthcare + Certificate of completion that certifies that learners attended both courses (“The Fundamentals of quality of care + Quality improvement in healthcare).


This is a course that any staff interested in quality can complete.

As we work for MSF, which is a medical organization, the case study is based on healthcare quality problem but is accessible to all staff (medical, HR, logistics, and other staff).

This course is designed for people in supervisory positions but again, anybody interested will manage it and learn interesting tools to work with colleagues!


Self-paced e-learning modules with text, videos, short readings and games.


Each chapter of a module is validated by doing a quiz. Completing each module allows you to get a badge, and completing both modules gives you a certificate.