Critical Incident Management Preparedness - Field level

About the Course

This Critical Incident Management Preparedness e-training for Field level is mainly composed of 4 live digital modules:

1.     What are my key priorities in the hypothesis of a Critical Incident ?

2.     How to get organized to be part of a Critical Incident Management team !

3.     Get prepared for key external interactions during the course of a critical incident response !

Action plan

Learning Objectives

the end of this course, you will:

able to list your key priorities / immediate actions during the first hours
following a potential Critical Incident;

able to explain the Critical Incident Management model that MSF applies in such
cases, as well as its broad functioning principles;

in knowledge of main stakes in link with key external interactions you may face
at Field level during a critical incident response;

draft your action
plan regarding the preparedness actions you need to implement at mission’s
level, to be ready in such case.

List of Contents


to the first Live Virtual Training
, participants are kindly asked to log in Tembo and:

the 3 parts of the introductive interview: “Why does MSF train you on
Critical Incident Management?”

the background part of the case study: Bohina mission.

to the second Live Virtual Training
, participants are kindly asked to:

Explore the digital
lesson on Critical Incident Management model that applies in MSF in case
of a critical incident. This lesson is available on Tembo.


This training is focused on
preparedness in case of critical incident: any MSF staff, being national or international
employee who would be involved in the management of such case, is welcome.

To ensure qualitative and
efficient learnings, audience is limited to 8 people at once,

preferably from different
operational sections present in your mission.


Your participation to this training needs your Head of Mission’s
approval, after consultation with the Security Focal Point. 

If your application is approved you will be sent an enrolment key. 

For further information you can contact Learning.GVA@geneva.msf.org


There is not certification of badge awarded for completion of this course.