eSRH Basic - Sexual Reproductive Health Basic

About the Course

The eSRH basic course is a self-paced online training exploring the components of the MSF Reproductive Health (SRH) and Sexual Violence (SV) Policy and Sexual and Reproductive Health Core Package, as well as strategies for implementation. The learning activities aim at providing an introduction or refresher to staff working in projects that address one or more of SRH care components. After this course, learners will be better equipped to implement, provide and monitor the different SRH components, in line with the MSF Reproductive Health and Sexual Violence Care Policy and SRH Core Package. 

Duration of course:

Approximately 35 hours

  • Block A takes approximately 6 hours.
  • Block B takes approximately 18 hours.
  • Block C takes approximately 6 hours.
  • Block D takes approximately 5 hours.

Learning Objectives:

The course is split into 4 blocks with the overall objectives to:

  • Introduce participants to essential documents and intervention strategies.
  • Improve understanding of interventions that have direct and indirect impacts on maternal and neonatal mortality.  

Target Audience:

Block A is recommended to staff interested in or working in a project with components of SRH.   

Block A-D, the complete course, is targeted at medical staff (midwife, nurse, doctor) that are currently working in SRH programming or are planning to in the next 3 months. 

Modules can be taken independently depending on the focus of the project and the needs of the participants. 


Online course - self-paced

Each module has accompanying supporting resources. 

There is an pre and post exam for those participants who wish to complete blocks and earn a certificate.


This will depend on the whether you wish to complete some or all blocks. As it is a self-learning course with lots of additional resources, you can work at your own pace and delicate as much time as you wish. 


Participants are free to take modules independently if there is a specific topic that interests them.  However:

  • Badges can only be earned by completing complete Blocks (including the pre and post quizzes)
  • A certificate is achieved by completing all Blocks and all quizzes.

IT Device - Applications:

The course is best completed on a computer, laptop or tablet. However, it should also be possible on a mobile a long as the screen size is large enough.  

N.B. Hyperlinks or links to websites are not available if you have downloaded the course and are completing it offline. You will need to have internet access to view them.


Self-enrolment i.e. you can enrol yourself by clicking on the Enrol Button

List of Contents

Table of Contents


Before you get started

Course Description & Table of Contents

Downloadable folder of Documents

References for eSRH

The Learning Journal including support Support to Learning

Technical Issues & Solutions


     Block A: Introduction to Sexual & Reproductive Health in MSF 

eSRH Basic: Block A Pre-Test

Module A1: Overview of SRH in MSF Contexts 
Module A2: Overview of Maternal and Neonatal Mortality 
Module A3: Role of the Midwife in MSF Contexts 

Module A4: Respectful Maternity Care 

eSRH Basic: Block A Post-Test


Block B  Averting Maternal and Neonatal Mortality 

eSRH Basic: Block B Pre-Test

Module B1: EmONC 

Module B1.1: Management of Postpartum Haemorrhage (PPH) 

Module B1.2: Hypertensive Disorders Pregnancy 

Module B1.3: Obstructed Labour and Fistula Prevention 

Module B1.4: Threatened Preterm Labour, PROM and Preterm Birth 

Module B1.5: Maternal Sepsis

Module B2: Comprehensive Abortion Care 

Module B2.1: Medication Abortion Online Course 

Module B3: Postnatal Care & Breastfeeding 

Module B4: Essential Newborn Care 

Module B5: Contraception Final 

eSRH Basic: Block B Post-Test

      Block C Reducing Maternal and Neonatal Suffering

eSRH Basic: Block C Pre-Test

Module C1. Antenatal Care – ANC

Module C2. Nutrition in the Perinatal Period

Module C3. Malaria and Pregnancy

Module C4. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

eSRH Basic: Block C Post-Test

      Block D: Management of Sexual & Reproductive Health Programming

eSRH Basic: Block D Pre-Test

Module D1. Community Engagement and Health Promotion

Module D2. SRH Indicators

Module D3. Maternal Mortality Review 

eSRH Basic: Block D Post-Test

     Summary and Additional Information


Further or Complementary Learning

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