Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) - Training of Facilitators

About the Course

POCUS (Point-of-care Ultrasound) is a valuable diagnostic tool used by general clinicians in resource-limited settings to improve medical care and patient outcome. 

This Training of POCUS Facilitators (ToF) contains relevant resources for POCUS trainers providing field-based ultrasound training with MSF. 

At the same time, the course material is used during F2F or remote trainings to build facilitation skills and teaching capacity amongst selected experienced ultrasound users to further support the sustainability of POCUS in MSF project sites. Future POCUS facilitators will be equipped with the tools and methodology necessary to succeed in their challenging role. The participant will learn how to prepare, implement, and follow up on MSF POCUS trainings in a medical humanitarian context.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, participants (future facilitators) will be able to :

-Welcome participants, establish expectations, explain learning objectives and formalise a learning contract 

-Apply POCUS-specific participant-centred facilitation skills, including verbal and non-verbal communication.

-Know their ultrasound equipment.

-Manage diversity and apply the "Connect, Respect and Grow" model.

-Encourage effectiveness among participants. 

-Give instructions.

-Apply and explain infection control.

-Promote clinical integration of POCUS and use of telemedicine. 

-Facilitate bedside training: guide participants, provide constructive criticism and encourage teamwork.

-Facilitate image review sessions. 

-Wrap up: make content relevant to participants, give feedback and emphasize key learning points.

-Promote resilience.

-Manage their own and the learner's stress.

-Manage the time.

-Manage difficult situations.

-Evaluate learning outcome.

-Encourage participants to facilitate transfer of skills.

-Implement all POCUS pre- and post-training work: needs assessment, training list, scheduling, printing and organising courses.


This area is repository for the training, there is no certification offered in this resource.

List of Contents


0 Orientation

1 Fundamentals of POCUS

2 Know your equipment


4 Infection control, indications and documentation

5 Bedside training

6 Lungs

7 The Heart

8 Telemedicine & Image Review

9 Managing Difficulties

10 Fractures & Soft Tissue

11 Transfer

12 Evaluation 

13 Pre-Course Activities

14 Post-Course activities

15 Evaluation and Course Closure

POCUS Toolkit


Sorry, YOU CANNOT register for this course. 

It is NOT a self-pace course, but a resource to be used during our F2F POCUS facilitator courses.

If you have not been identified as a future participant by your POCUS Advisor or trainer, you cannot register for this Tembo course. 

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