Clinical Skills - Infection Prevention Control

About the Course

Infection Prevention and Control measures (IPC) are a set of interventions aimed at preventing the transmission of infections to patients, visitors and staff within Health facilities. The prevention of infections associated with health care (HAI) avoids unnecessary illnesses and, sometimes, even death, saves money, reduces antibiotic resistance and is essential to offer a correct quality of care.

All MSF healthcare workers should understand and have the correct skills to implement these activities in their daily work.

This course is aimed at all health care workers. Some modules contain specific content for nurses, doctors, midwives,  operating theatre staff and IPC supervisors.

Time to complete: 2h

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, you will be able to: 

  • Summarize the most prevalent risk factors for healthcare-associated infections. 
  • Recognize appropriate situations where it is necessary to apply these measures.  
  • Apply all IPC measures in your daily work.

List of Contents

Standard Precautions

  1. Hand Hygiene. General Concepts. 

  1. Hand Hygiene Procedure. 

  2. Personal Protective Equipment: General Concepts.

  3. PPE: Elements 

  4. PPE: Gloves 

  5. Cleaning and disinfecting the environment 

  6. Safe reprocessing of the reusable medical devices and equipment 

  7. Sterilization 

  8. Waste Management 

  9. Prevention of accidental exposure to body fluids 

  10. Handling of patient linen 

  11. Respiratory hygiene 

  12. Injection Safety 

Transmission Based Precautions

  1. Contact Precautions 

  1. Droplet Precautions 

  1. Airborne precautions 


There is a badge awarded for completing this course, but no certificate.