Nutrition Onboarding Portal

About the Course

The nutrition portal is a link to everything related to the integrated management of malnutrition in children in OCB. Don't reinvent the wheel! 

By registering on this portal, you will have access to a training on management of malnutrition in children from 1-59 months following community-based management of acute malnutrition model (CMAM) but as well to a variety of other important trainings and resources that should be used in your project as part of the integrated management of malnutrition in children (emergency pediatric care, triage, nursing care (vital signs, wound care, enteral nutrition, etc.).


This portal is intended for anyone who is new to a nutrition project and wishes to upgrade their knowledge, as well as for people who are looking for information on more specific topics related to the management of these projects. 

Learning Objectives

Using this portal should enable you to:

  • increase your knowledge on malnutrition and related topics (peads, etc.) in order to feel comfortable in a nutrition project
  • feel confident providing quality care to patients and detecting warning signs 
  • identify roles and responsibilities for key position in nutrition projects
  • link with the community of practice and help to develop a strong and supportive network. 
  • be able to find resources related to the nutrition project and platforms to contact with advisors for support. 

List of Contents

  • Training on nutrition: basic of a nutrition program wound care, etc. 
  • Training on basics of peads: triage, vital signs, e-peads, etc
  • Exchange with peer and advisors: ShareLog, etc. 
  • Learning nutrition “on the job”: self-assessment, competencies framework, etc.
  • Access to key nutrition resources: OOPS, CoP, patient documentation, etc


This portal is accessible to all. Please note this was created for OCB staff but might be relevant for other OCs.