Management et Leadership

Finance Coordinators Course

A propos du cours

This is a blended learning course, featuring a self-paced online introduction to the role of a Finance Coordinator, MSF OCA’s financial policies and procedures, and familiarisation with our Finance software and tools, followed by facilitated online training, which expands and develops knowledge and skills in these topics.


This course is open only to: 

  • Candidates who have been validated to be in the (Deputy) Finance Coordinator pool and assigned to their first mission. 
  • National staff in the Deputy Finance Coordinator function in their mission. 

Invitations will be sent to participants identified by the OCA Field Finance. 

For more information as to how to get validated for the pool, please contact your career or pool manager (if you are international staff) or the HRCo in your mission (if you are national staff).


After successful completion, an FCC certificate and a badge are provided to the participant.


Blended learning approach.  Each day is a combination of self-paced e-Learning and virtual webinars.  There are exercises and reading assignments that the participant is required to complete.


The e-Learning modules will have multiple exercises to measure the level of understanding of the participant. During the online, facilitated sessions, participants’ contributions and interactions will be observed.


This course is for Finance Coordinators or Deputy Finance Coordinators preparing for their first assignment.


2 weeks online blended (40 hours)

Objectifs d'apprentissage

To recognise the functional and strategic role of a Finance Coordinator and to apply the appropriate skills, knowledge and attitudes in order to manage the finance function in your first mission.

Liste du contenu

  • Role of Finance Coordinator: set up and relationship between HQ and the mission finance team, hierarchical and functional management, various roles of a Finance Coordinator, and the relevance of the Finance Functional Strategy for mission operations. 
  • Financial polices & procedure: risk management, OCA and local mission Finance Policies and Procedures, compliance and risk analysis related to local laws and regulations. 
  • Bookkeeping & Reporting: role and responsibilities of Finance and the Finance Coordinator in month-end closing, National Staff payroll activities. 
  • Budgeting & Budget control: OCA Control Cycle, roles and responsibilities in the budgeting process, principles that form the basis of a good budget, analyzing the Budget Control Report (BCR). 
  • Links with other functions Ops, Log, HR

     o Fundraising Intro: Where the “income” is obtained to run operations, the trends and current challenges of the funding process, and the role of the FinCo. 

     o HR: people management and performance management 

     o Humanitarian Affairs: how advocacy is practiced in MSF 

     o Supply: the procurement process and interactions between

     o Supply and Finance