Introduction to Health Promotion and Community Engagement

About the Course

This course is an introduction to Health Promotion with Community Engagement in MSF.  

You will follow Merry, a newly hired HP manager, and learn more about HP with community engagement in MSF, but also about anthropology and why an anthropological approach is relevant for HP and the project.  

Throughout the course questions are posted to reflect on your professional situation, but you will also have the opportunity to discuss with colleagues by participating in discussions on the Sherlog platform.   

This is an inter-sectional training, developed by OCG and OCA and is open to everyone with an interest in Health Promotion and Community Engagement. 

Learning Objectives

Once you have completed this course, you should be able to:  

  • Explain what Health Promotion is in MSF and how it is linked to Community Engagement 

  • Advocate how an anthropological approach supports the team and is relevant for your project 

  • Question your assumptions  

List of Contents

The course consists of 2 modules that will introduce you to: 

  • Key Concepts in Health Promotion 

  • Anthropology and its relevance for Health Promotion 




Upon completion of the 2 modules you are entitled a Tembo completion badge and a certificate.  


This elearning course will take around 4 hours, including individual reflexions and discussions on the HP and Patient & Community Support Sherlog platform.   


This training is for anyone involved or interested in Health Promotion with Community Engagement in MSF.  

If you want to know more about the steps of organizing, writing, and implementing the strategic Health Promotion workplan with community engagement workplan, we encourage you to take the “Strategic workplan for Health Promotion with Community Engagement” course.