Strategic workplan for Health Promotion with Community Engagement

About the Course

This course aims at strengthening the capacities of managers and supervisors to design a strategic Health Promotion workplan that integrates community engagement.  

You will follow Merry (a fictional character) and help her build a strategic workplan as we go through the various modules covering the four steps of the project cycle. 

Throughout the course questions are posted to reflect on your professional situation, but you will also have the opportunity to discuss with colleagues by participating in discussions on the Sherlog platform.   

We recommend to attend the course  “Introduction to Health Promotion and Community Engagement“  prior to this course. 

This is an inter-sectional training, developed by OCG and OCA and is open to everyone involved in Health Promotion and Community Engagement. 

Learning Objectives

Once you have completed this course, you should be able to describe the different steps of the project cycle. You will also be able to design, implement and monitor a strategic health promotion with community engagement workplan. 

List of Contents

The course consists of 7 modules.  The modules guide you through the steps of organizing, writing and implementing the strategic HP with Community Engagement workplan.  

In the last module you can listen to stories from HP colleagues in Mexico, Haiti and Yemen.  

The modules are: 

  • HP&CE Strategic workplan: An Introduction 
  • Assessments 
  • Design and Planning 
  • Monitoring 
  • Setting up the team 
  • Evaluation 
  • Examples from Mexico, Haiti, and Yemen


30 hours


This training is for managers and supervisors working in Health Promotion with Community Engagement in MSF, as well as other staff wanting to know more on how to design and implement a strategic HP with CE workplan. 

Ideally the course is taken before starting a new position as manager or supervisor. If not, it can be taken while working providing you can secure enough time.  


You will receive a badge and a certificate of participation when you have completed all 7 modules and filled in the end-of-course evaluation form.


This elearning course will take around 30 hours of work over several weeks, including individual readings, case study, reflexive analysis and discussions on the HP and Patient & Community Support Sherlog platform.   

Before you begin make sure you have your Learner Journal to take notes and you can access your account on Sherlog.

RELEASE DATE :   November xx, 2022