Preparation for first departure HR and Finance (OCP) (English)

Sobre del curso

The PPD HRFIN training is the prerequisite for your departure on mission as a FIN/HR Project Manager whose role is to organise the management of personnel in the field. 

It consists of the 3 phases : BEFORE / DURING / AFTER.


Person taking up a first position as HR/Finance project Manager with MSF France.


This is a blended learning course with self-directed and face-to-face activities.  

The sequence of modules has been designed to be consistent. It is therefore recommended to follow them in the order in which they appear for a better understanding.  

The course has been designed using a range of individual learning tools, such as: 

  • E-Learnings  

  • Videos 

  • Practice exercises 

  • 5 days face to face training 

  • optional contents 

You can complete online or offline installing the Tembo desktop app on your computer. 


9H30 hours of prerequisites over 5 weeks, 5 days of face to face training and 5H45 hours of postrequisites 


To complete the course, you will need to complete all compulsory activities within each phase BEFORE / DURING / AFTER. 

  • The completion of some e-learning courses entitles the student to a TEMBO badge. These are specified. 
  • At the end of the DURING phase, on the last day of the face-to-face training, a certificate of completion will be given to the participants.


Access to the course requires validation and registration by the Pool Manager for international staff or by the CORH/RRH Cell for staff under OCP contract.

Once registered, you will receive the access key to the course.

Objetivos de aprendizaje

By the end of the training course, participants will be able to set up, in their mission, the finance and HR “basics”.


The course is a mix of different courses and resources divided into 3

1) Introduction to the HRFIN DPP 

  • The PPD HRFIN presentation 

  • General organisation of MSF missions 

2) Your training path 


- E-Learning recruitment  
- E-Learning HOMERE  
- Unifield video  
- E-Learning WEFIN - part 1  
- Progress report  
  • DURING: meet you at the Centre Jacques Pinel, in Bordeaux 

  • AFTER 

- E-Learning Unifield stage 1 
- E-Learning WEFIN - part 2  
- E-Learning Building your team  
- Additional resources 

3) Help & Contacts