Human Resources

HR Assistants' Onboarding

About the Course

This self-paced course aims at providing HR assistants and other HR support positions with the relevant information and skills to start their position with confidence and efficiency. It combines self-paced interactive activities and guidance for a structured conversation with the line manager on the position and project’s specificities. 


HR assistants, HRCO assistants.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will: 

  • have understood the key elements of MSF HR vision. 
  • be able to position the HR Department in the organization.
  • have identified the key steps of the main HR processes (admin/ recruitment, induction/onboarding/L&D). 
  • have identified the different roles in a HR set-up at coordination and field level.
  • have identified their main responsibilities and tasks.
  • have identified the relevant HR fundamentals to use in their position. 

List of Contents

  • MSF HR vision and main HR policies (Duty of Care, Responsible Employer, Global Workforce, Diversity-Equity-Inclusion)
  • The HR Department and HR roles
  • The main HR processes (admin/recruitment/induction-onboarding/L&D)
  • HR assistant main tasks and responsibilities
  • The HR fundamentals in assistants’ position


Self-paced with intereactive videos and short quizzes + complementary guidance for a structured conversation with the line manager targeting the project and position specificities for each of the topics covered in the self-paced. 


Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a badge and a certificate.


If you are a new HR assistant, you will receive an enrolment key from your HR Manager or the HR Coordinator. HR Coordinators can ask the HQ L&D Unit at for the enrolment key.