MSF General Knowledge


About the Course

This course aims to understand, identify and fight corruption in all MSF settings. By the end of the course, we will be able to define the different types of corruption and understand their impact. We will consider our role in the prevention of corruption and look at how we can report and manage a corruption case once it is detected.

This course is for all MSF OCB staff i.e. headquarter and field staff, and other stakeholders.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, participants will be able to: 
  • give an overview of types of corruption and why corruption cases occur 
  • explain the impact for the organisation (MSF) 
  • detect signs of corruption in a variety of settings 
  • practise managing scenarios / corruption cases 
  • acknowledge how and when to report, and to whom, and 
  • identify what kind of support can be found within MSF 

List of Contents

  1. How to define corruption: Anti-Corruption Guidelines 
  2. Types of corruption 
  3. How to prevent corruption 
  4. How to detect corruption 
  5. When & How to react and report 


Self-learning which includes engaging with eLearning content including animations, case studies and final quiz questions. There are also some other documents and recommendations to explore.

On successful completion of all activities, including a final quiz, you will be awarded a certificate and a badge. You will need to get 80% in the final quiz. 


The course is best completed on a computer, laptop or tablet. However, it should also be possible on a mobile as long as the screen size is large enough. 
N.B. Hyperlinks or links to websites are not available if you have downloaded the course and are completing it offline. You will need to have internet access to view them.