Microplanning in Mass Vaccination Campaigns

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Course Summary


Microplanning is the planning process of a specific intervention that includes different teams (actors), sites and a lot of detailed organization in a limited timeframe.


The objective of the Microplanning course is to increase the knowledge and capacity of managers to perform and coordinate a microplanning process. This may apply to different interventions and scenarios, though its main focus lies on preventive/ reactive vaccination campaigns.

The course will also contribute to improve our reactiveness in outbreaks or other emergency scenarios requiring immediate action in the field.

Duration of Course: 7 hours

Target Audience:

Medical and non-medical (Logistics/ Coordination) MSF staff engaged or assigned to any activities that may require microplanning with a non-exclusive focus on vaccination campaigns.


The microplanning course is especially targeting those positions that may or will be in charge to coordinate and/ or perform an intervention requiring a thorough microplanning process. This primarily includes managerial positions such as PMR/ LTL/ FieldCo or very experienced NAM/ Logtech. Other positions or profiles may also benefit but are not specifically targeted in this course.


Online course - Selflearning


Participants will receive a certificate and a badge upon completion of all the modules of the program.


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Table of Contents

Module 1. Introduction

Module 2. Defining activities and needs assessment

Module 3. Information collection

Module 4. Setup of Microplanning Excel

Module 5. Active preparation

Module 6. Monitoring and Evaluation

Module 7. Key points