MSF Speaking Out Case Studies (SOCS) Learning HUB

About the Course

The Initial Module about MSF SOCS and Speaking Out introduces the organisation, the Speaking Out Case Studies (SOCS) project, and the concept of speaking out. This course is strongly recommended to complete before proceeding to the courses focusing on a paired thematic with a case study.

All of the SOCS courses are about critical thinking and analysis of MSF's speaking out in complex humanitarian contexts. They are for humanitarians – current and future – who wish to gain critical thinking skills and knowledge in the act of speaking out.

They are intended for both internal and external use.

Learning Objectives

Knowledge Competencies:

  1. Understand the basics of MSF as an organisation including the charter, pivotal agreements, and two pillars of action
  2. Define the Speaking Out Case Studies (SOCS) project and methodologies
  3. Explain the different approaches that MSF uses for speaking out and bearing witness
  4. Understand the respective purposes of speaking out

Skills Competencies:

  1. Describe the importance and challenges of documentation as it relates to speaking out
  2. Discern the potential sources and types of data used to inform MSF’s speaking out activities
  3. Identify the potential consequences of speaking out
  4. Consider and recognise diverse speaking out perspectives

List of Contents

Module Structure - Eight Sections:

  1. The Learning Journeys 
  2. The MSF Charter 
  3. MSF's Two Complementary Pillars of ActionThe Ambiguity of Defining Speaking Out for MSF
  4. The Ambiguity of Defining Speaking Out for MSF
  5. Why, What, and How MSF Speaks Out
  6. A Look into the Unique World of SOCS
  7. The Learning Methods
  8. Annexes


No credential for this stand-alone, initial course. Once you complete this course, and a thematic / case study course of your choice, you may proceed to the quiz and post-course feedback to obtain your credentials. 

All course quizzes include questions from this introductory module.


All courses are open for self enrolment. 

These courses are designed for all learners interested in speaking out dilemmas and MSF case studies. There is a particular emphasis on learners either currently or soon to be responsible for speaking out activities and external graduate students focused on related areas of studies related to SOCS course thematics and humanitarian analysis using the case study methodology.


Post-course feedback is required after you complete this initial course and a level 1 which includes a thematic paired with a case study. Your feedback will assist in improving the courses for future learners.