POCUS Resources Library

About the Course

Point-of-Care-Ultrasound is an intersectional MSF-wide program that aims to build capacity of local clinicians in using ultrasound to improve clinical care. This Resource Library is meant to give basic information on the program. 

Please reach out to for further questions and information.

List of Contents

  • What is POCUS
  • Briefing material for ultrasound in the field
  • POCUS Training Resources & requesting field training
  • Ultrasound equipment ordering, maintenance and use
  • Telemedicine use with ultrasound

These resources are useful for all levels of MSF staff: clinicians, log, biomed, medical supervisors, cells and medical referents. 

This is especially important for new cell health advisors, HQ medical referents, Field medical supervisors (MedCo/PMR/MTL/MAM), field and HQ biomeds, Logs, and field clinicians.