MSF eCARE-Ped Consultant Training

About the Course

This course will provide you with the basic skills to use the MSFeCARE-Ped tablet application to guide your paediatric outpatient consultations.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course you will be able to:

•Use the application on a tablet and solve the most common technical problems.

•Conducting a consultation with the MSFeCARE-Ped application.

•Understanding the syndromic approach and rationale for classifications and recommendations on MSFeCARE-Ped.

•Improve your ability to assess, classify and manage acute illness in children aged 2-59 months.

•Continuing education by accessing MSFeCARE-Ped training modules on a tablet at any time.

List of Contents

Technical training :

•Conducting a consultation with the MSFeCARE-Ped application.

•Acquisition of technical skills to use the different functionalities of the application and the tablet.

•Data transfer to tablet.

Clinical training :

•Introduction to MSFeCARE-Ped and antimicrobial resistance.

•Initial triage, danger signs, malnutrition and anaemia.

•Coughing and breathing difficulties. 

•Diarrhoea and abdominal/inguinal pain.

•Skin disorders.

•Ear and eye problems. Mouth sores and sore throats.

•Fever, malaria and urinary tract infections.

•Practice of clinical cases with the application.


Open training, no access restrictions.


A badge and a certificate are available at the end of the course.


This course is intended for health workers in charge of conducting paediatric outpatient consultations and for supervisors of these activities in health facilities where an MSFeCARE-Ped intervention is planned.


eLearning modules divided into 2 parts: technical training and clinical training. 

1-Technical training: description of the steps to use the application on a tablet - Tutorial format.

2-Clinical training: 8 modules of theoretical and practical information with interactive activities, videos, case studies and quizzes.  

All training is available on computer or tablet online and offline.  


1-Technical training: no assessment, only completion of the course.

2-Technical training: Quiz at the beginning and end of modules 1-7 (3-4 questions): 100% correct answers required. Practical module 8: 10 questions to validate the 10 practical cases to be carried out, 80% correct answers required to obtain the badge and certificate.