About the Course

Introducing LEAD, a new blended learning course for leaders in MSF OCA.

LEAD (MSF OCA‘s leadership course) helps leaders to secure and sustain key shifts in mindset and behaviour, which will unlock and build leadership potential, increase personal impact/ influence and drive change. It’s a great opportunity to create space for you to reflect, learn and grow. You will focus on increasing your self-awareness and learn new leadership skills to help you engage and inspire others and achieve greater impact together.

For OCA- relevant staff can apply through the online application form. Please note that the recommendation letter needs to be written by the candidate’s line manager and sent by the HRCo, L&D Manager or Career Manager to Amsterdam.DevelopmentOfficer@amsterdam.msf.org. For HQ staff, the line manager should send the recommendation letter to Amsterdam.DevelopmentOfficer@amsterdam.msf.org. Once you have been offered a place on the course, you will be sent a link to access the course materials.

  • You are in a managerial position (you manage a team) and you are in a position listed below.
  • You are driven to lead change at MSF and act more strategically • You are motivated to grow as a leader by growing your self-awareness, your understanding and appreciation of others and empowering your team.

Field: HoM, MedCo, PC, LogCo, Supply Chain Co, WatSan Co, HRCo, FinCo, Country Representatives, Hospital Director, MTL, Project Medical Referent, Medical Activity Manager, Head Nurse, Hospital, Clinical Lead, Log Team Leader, WatSan Team Leader, Advocacy Manager. Deputies for all of the above positions are also in scope.

HQ (across OCA): MT, E-Desk, Heads of Departments, Coordinators, OMs, OAs, OOs, Health Advisors, Logistics Advisors, HRAs, Finance Advisors, CAs, HAAs. Deputies for all of the above positions are also in scope.

We strive to have a diverse mix of participants in each cohort representative of MSF’s global workforce: medical and non-medical profiles, international and national staff in the field, staff in-between missions, and those working at HQ/ in partner sections/ branch offices.


Badge and certificate of attendance.

  • Self-paced learning (videos, questionnaires, reading, assignments- called Go-Dos)
  • Online sessions with facilitator- group of 20 participants (4 hours) x 5 sessions
  • Smaller “pod” sessions with facilitator- group of 5-6 people (90 minutes) x 3 sessions

Feedback form via MS Forms link sent after each session (2 feedback links for every cohort) 

25 hours online and 10 hours self-study over 12 weeks

Learning Objectives

The journey will be an engaging, interactive and impactful experience. By the end of this learning experience, you will:

  • Have increased awareness of your personal leadership impact, by understanding your strengths and vulnerabilities as a leader.
  • Have the ability to inspire and engage others through trust, inclusiveness and empathy.
  • Feel confident to apply critical coaching and feedback skills to empower and improve individual and team performance.
  • Be able to translate MSF strategy and values to my team, being able to articulate a common vision to foster alignment and overcome barriers to change.