Why Communities of Practice in MSF?

All of us have learned during our experiences and keep learning continuously in our daily job. There is little space for sharing our knowledge and sometimes knowledge gets lost.

MSF projects are spread around the world, MSF staff have busy days and are not always able to speak with their peers. It makes knowledge difficult to access. Knowledge, experiences and good practices which could benefit to all of us are most of the time kept in each project.

Communities of Practice are the result of consultations with field teams. This responds to the field needs to communicate, share ideas and experiences and learning together and from each other.

    The CoP are part of MSF learning ecosystem, which include:
  • Functional line and operational support to field staff
  • Document libraries and guides (ex: Logli, PMR Resource)
  • Support given by referents, and SMEs
  • Learning resources in Tembo and other platforms: courses, videos, etc.
Last modified: Tuesday, 26 January 2021, 10:38 AM