Learning in MSF 

Tembo is the learning space that gives access to learning and development opportunities to all our MSF staff, regardless of location and profile.  Tembo will help us access resources to perform well in our job, but also find a space where we can not only learn but transfer and share knowledge and expertise with different colleagues. 

Today unfortunately many of us working in the field or offices have never had the chance to benefit from MSF trainings. With the remoteness of locations, staff rotations and lack of connectivity, we can also struggle to find resources to help us in our job. With Tembo all of us, can take control of our own learning and access MSF resources. 

The use of Tembo implies changing the way we learn and work in the organization, empowering us all to learn. We will also be able to keep accessing Tembo when we have more time to learn, for instance between missions. To summarize Tembo will allow us to be better prepared to do our jobs and this means better operations and better care for our patients. 

Last modified: Tuesday, 26 January 2021, 10:09 AM