Do you often wonder how other projects deal with challenges similar to yours? Are you going to a mission soon and would like to hear about experiences from colleagues who worked there before? Have you heard about a solution implemented in a project and would like to know more, but you don’t know whom to ask? Are you simply curious to share and receive information on a specific topic?

In the Communities of Practice, we believe that by connecting people and sharing ideas, experiences, or tackling issues together in a safe space; we can support each other in finding and creating solutions to solve challenges and improve the overall quality of our work.


How does it work?

Communities of Practice are the result of consultations with field teams. They aim to respond to the field needs to communicate, share ideas and experiences and learning together. In MSF Communities of Practice, you will be able to:

  • talk with each other, post questions, share relevant information and contribute to new ideas
  • get in touch with other members according to their location, their previous missions and their knowledge on certain subjects
  • tackle issues together through conversations or online activities aimed at gathering and sharing experiences of members

Community of practice, part of a learning and support ecosystem

In the Communities of Practice, we share ideas, experiences, or tackle issues together, in a safe space. We share our learnings, learn from others, and create solution together to solve our challenges.

Use the community if you want to:

  • Search and connect with other colleagues that may have been in the same situation or context as you are
  • Look for different experiences and practices from other projects that may give you alternatives and inspiration to help you solve practical problems. Many innovative and creative ideas can be used in your work, share these ideas with your line manager first before you implement them.
  • Contribute with your personal experience and ideas to address complex problems.

Sometimes you need an urgent answer to a very specific problem, technical advice or support from your line management. Use your regular support channels in those urgent cases!

The communities focus on learnings, and other members might also take some time to answer you…


Who will you find in the Communities?

Everyone has valuable contributions to contribute: from jobs in missions or in Operational Centers, experiences in or out of MSF … you can help others improve their work and the quality of care we deliver! Depending on your profile, you will be automatically enrolled in the Community related to colleagues from the same technical area as yourself (logistics community for logisticians,..). However, communities are open to everyone: if you are interested in a topic of another community, accept the participation rules and become a member! Transparency is important for us, and the list of Members of Communities is available for you anytime once you are also a member!

You will also find the COP facilitators, who are here to ensure the wellbeing of the community, support you in your first steps and answer your questions.

Last modified: Tuesday, 26 January 2021, 12:57 PM