How do we define them in Tembo?
Communities of Practice are spaces where groups of people with a common thematic interest are able to share practical experiences and knowledge for learning purposes. They contribute to reinforce the expertise of staff, advance personal development and improve MSF’s practices in the field.
Why do we need communities of practice?
There is a lot of valuable knowledge accumulated by staff but it is difficult to make such knowledge visible and to effectively share it with others. The Community of Practice area in Tembo offers an environment where staff can connect and learn with each other in a safe and accessible way. All levels of the organization, from projects to HQ, can benefit from the know-how and practical experiences that are being shared.
How does Tembo support communities of practice?
MSF OCBA teams interested in developing a community space in Tembo ecosystem can be offered expertise and methodological support. We steward the process towards identifying the community's concrete value for its target users. We explore different collaboration and learning dynamics that will be at the heart of the community, and build gradually on each step within the Tembo platform.
Last modified: Friday, 20 December 2019, 6:47 AM