Why should I use Tembo?

Tembo is the space for MSF staff to access resources to be better prepared for their job. Tembo will support you with answers to questions, with access to useful tools and resources, and to improve your skills thanks to quick learning solutions.

Is this really going to help MSF beneficiaries if I use Tembo?

Using available resources and learning on Tembo will support our staff in their day-to-day job. The courses, activities and resources are specifically developed to address the many challenges that MSF staff members may confront in their daily work. We firmly believe that learning also helps to save lives, as better prepared staff who improve their knowledge and skills, will perform better in their job and have a greater impact in the lives of MSF beneficiaries.

How can I support my colleagues to use Tembo?

We have put in place a community of ambassadors who will support the communication around Tembo at project level. Get in contact with your HR focal point if you would like to be part of this community.


Which email should I use for my Tembo account?

If you are working in the field and you have an MSF shared email or no MSF email, you are recommended to register with a personal email address.
If you are working in an MSF OCBA office and you are using Tembo for the first time, we recommend you to log in directly with your MSF email and password, because your account will be linked to mandatory courses. In the future or if you change your mind, you can change the email address linked to your Tembo account, in the “preferences” tab of your account.

How do I change my Tembo password?

If you have forgotten the password you created when you registered to Tembo, click on “log in” and then click on “forgotten your username of password”. Indicate the email address with which you created an account and follow the instructions, including checking your mailbox, to reset your password.
If you are working in an OCBA office, and directly logged in with your MSF credentials as a new Tembo learner, and forgot your MSF password, contact soportesede@barcelona.msf.org

How do I launch an online course?

To launch an online course, you will need to click on “enrol me” in the course environment, or to follow the enrolment procedure that can be specific to a course.

How do I search for and register to join a course?

To search for a specific course or learning material, go to the “view catalogue” tab, and use the search button to find courses. Remember that the “filters” can help you find resources according to your language, knowledge area, etc.

Is Tembo accessible on a mobile phone?

Tembo application is available for android users (Android 5.0 and above) and you can download the application from Play Store. There are fewer courses available on the application, you can filter them by clicking on “available on mobile” in the filters of the catalogue tab.

What are the digital badges?

Digital badges are a proof that you have completed courses. In the future, they will be added to your learning path, to show you have completed required learning steps to reach a certain level, or to acquire certain skills.

What are the certifications?

Certifications have been issued in our previous learning system, eCampus, to recognize achievements. You will be able to print them in Tembo.

What if I have a problem creating an account?

Make sure you spelled your e-mail address correctly in the first place, but if this keeps being an issue, contact zenithelp.tembo@barcelona.msf.org

What if I have a problem accessing Tembo offline?

Tembo offline is only available in projects where a local server has been installed. If this is your case, and you keep having difficulties, contact the logistician of your project, or a Tembo Ambassador.

Last modified: Thursday, 19 March 2020, 4:13 PM