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First Steps of Using Tembo

How to Access Tembo

How to Enroll for Courses

Tembo Applications

Community of Practice

How to use Local Servers (OCBA)

First Steps

What is Tembo?

MSF staff often faces barriers to learning and development opportunities due to the remoteness and poor connectivity in our projects. Tembo provides missions with full access to relevant content, reaching field staff that currently lack access to current MSF learning programs. By incorporating learning solutions adapted to user needs into the platform, Tembo helps to better prepare frontline staff implementing medical and humanitarian interventions, which in turn improves the quality of care for our patients. Tembo is a learner-centered space providing efficient digital learning and development opportunities adapted for all MSF staff, to better contribute to MSF operations and MSF social mission.

Why should I use Tembo?

Tembo is the space for MSF staff to access courses and resources to be better prepared for their job. Tembo is supporting you, with access to useful tools and resources to improve your skills thanks to quick learning solutions.

Is this really going to help MSF beneficiaries if I use Tembo?

Using available resources and learning on Tembo will support our staff in professional learning. The courses, activities and resources are specifically developed to address the many challenges that MSF staff members may confront in their daily work. We firmly believe that learning also helps to save lives, as better prepared staff who improve their knowledge and skills will perform better in their job and have a greater impact in the lives of MSF beneficiaries.

To whom can I ask in case I need support to use Tembo?

In each mission, there is Focal Points who can support users when using Tembo. You can reach out to the HR in your mission to know who the Focal Point is, and seek support to this person.
In OCBA, we put in place a support system with ambassadors. They will support you if you have questions about Tembo. If you work for OCBA, you can apply online in Tembo (the Ambassador online application is available in the catalogue of courses) and become an Ambassador!

What type of courses and resources can I find in Tembo?

Tembo offers different learning options: completely online, online with a tutor and blended (a part online and a part face-to-face).

What is the difference between a course and a resource?

A course follows a structure and methodology for learning, whereas a resource is simply a place to access documents, videos, links to other websites etc. Note that certification (certificates and/or badges) are not usually awarded for accessing resources.

Where can I find resources?

Click on the tab called “MSF RESOURCES” on the Homepage.


We created some access guide to help you join and connect to Tembo. You can access them here.

What do I need to create an account in Tembo?

To create an account in Tembo, all you need is a valid e-mail address. We recommend you to register with your personal email address.
Click on "Register" and fill out the registration form. You will have to provide your personal details. You will receive an e-mail where you need to click a link to finalize your account creation.

Can I use my MSF e-mail address to register to Tembo?

Yes, you can, but we strongly recommend you to register with your personal email address so as to keep track of your progress when changing position within the organization. If when changing position you change of email address, you would lose your information and progress in the courses you have done.
Please note that OCBA employees having a @barcelona.msf.org e-mail account can skip the registration process and log in with their MSF e-mail and password. If you experience any problem logging in, please send an e-mail at zenithelp.tembo@barcelona.msf.org.

What happens if I have a problem creating an account?

Fill out all mandatory fields and make sure you spelled your e-mail correctly in the registration page. Also make sure you have checked your junk-mail folder if you don't receive any message. In case this keeps being an issue, please contact zenithelp.tembo@barcelona.msf.org

I have two accounts in Tembo, can I merge them?

No, you can't merge two accounts. Choose your preferred account, and send an e-mail at zenithelp.tembo@barcelona.msf.org to request the suspension of the one you don’t want to keep. Suspended accounts can be reactivated on demand if necessary.

How do I edit my profile information?

Once you are logged in to Tembo, click on your name on the top-right corner of the screen, select the option profile, then click Edit profile under User details. Once done, scroll all the way down and click Update profile to save your changes.
We recommend you to update your profile regularly, for example when you change of location or position.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

Click on "Forgotten your username or password" to reset your password. You will receive an e-mail with your new password at the e-mail address you registered with. Make sure you have checked your junk-mail folder if you don't receive any message.

Is Tembo accessible on a mobile phone?

Tembo application enables you to access and learn with Tembo on your own smartphone or tablet. It is available for android (Android 5.0 and above), Desktop and iOS devices. Visit tembo: Tembo Application (msf.org) on you device to download the app. and learn more on how to use it. There are fewer courses available on the application. To know what courses are available in the application, filter the courses by clicking on “Available on mobile” in the filters of the catalogue tab

"I am a Field employee and the mission's internet connection is unstable, can I have access to Tembo anyway?

Tembo offline is only available in projects where a local server has been installed. If this is your case, and you keep having difficulties, contact the logistician of your project, or a Tembo Ambassador. In case of technical problems you can also contact zenithelp.tembo@barcelona.msf.org.


Do I need an account to have access to a course, a resource or a community in Tembo?

Yes, an account is needed in order to access Tembo courses, resources and communities of practice.

I am trying to enroll into the course but it says that it is not open for enrolment. What does it mean?

When a course is not open for enrollment , it means that the access to the training is restricted to a limited number of participants. On the course information page, usually under the heading “HOW TO ENROL”, you will find information on how to apply.

How do I enroll in a course?

Browse our catalogue and select the course you are interested in. You will be redirected to the course information page, in which the available enrollment options are explained. The enrollment options are:
1.Self-enrollment: No application is needed for these courses. Just click the Enroll me button placed on the course's information page to access to the course.
2. Self-enrolment with key: Unlike the previous option, the access to this course is restricted. That means that you will have to apply before receiving an enrollment key. On the course information page, usually under the heading “HOW TO ENROL”, you will find information on how to apply. If you are eligible you will be sent a key (password) that you use to gain access to the course. You can enter the key on the course information page.
3. Manual enrolment: Same as the previous option, the access to this course is restricted, . You will need to apply by following the information on the course information page usually found under “HOW TO ENROL” If you are eligible for the training, you will receive an e-mail in which you will be provided with all the necessary information to access the course.

The course requires a key to enter. Where can I find it?

When a course requires an enrolment key, it means that the access to the training is restricted to a limited number of participants. On the course information page, usually under the heading “HOW TO ENROL”, you will find information on how to apply

I am unable to play course's activities or audio/video are not working. What should I do?

Please make sure your device (computer, tablet, mobile) meets the system requirements. Check if your internet connection is working, and ensure that you have enough space on your device.
In case you still have problems, please contact our support service by sending an e-mail at zenithelp.tembo@barcelona.msf.org.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

Please note that not all courses provide a certificate. We recommend you to read carefully the information contained in the course information page before you claim your certificate.

An activity/the whole course does not show as completed. What can I do?

Please make sure you have gone through all the course's activities. You can check your grades under the Administration menu.
Also, keep in mind that you must be connected to the internet to update your courses progress.
If you still have issues, please contact our support service by sending an e-mail at zenithelp.tembo@barcelona.msf.org.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

Please note that not all courses provide a certificate. It is the course provider´s decision as to whether a certificate should be available in a particular course or not. We recommend you to read carefully the information contained in the course information page under “CERTIFICATION” before starting the course.

What is a badge?

A badge is a digital certification that is awarded for completing a course or sometimes a specific module. As you complete more training you can collect more badges, which can be viewed from your “MY LEARNING” page. We recommend you to read the information contained in the course information page under “CERTIFICATION” before starting the course.

What is the difference between a badge and a certificate?

Certificate: Certificates can be delivered electronically to learners for completion of courses or activities. The certificate allows to add images, text, and grade information.
Badges: Badges are a form of digital credential, awarded to users for the achievement or demonstration of certain skills, knowledge or behaviors.
After earning a badge, users can choose to display it publicly across a variety of social and professional networking platforms.

What is the courses language?

Tembo supported languages are English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese. Some courses are available in various languages, however some courses are only available in one language. We suggest you use the filters in the catalogue page in order to find which courses are available in your preferred language.

Can I download a course?

Only the Tembo mobile and desktop applications (available int computer and tablets) allow you to download courses, while it is not possible through the web platform.
To download a course, make sure your Internet connection is working properly, then go to the Catalogue or My Learning section and click on the Download icon.
Tembo courses and resources can be directly downloaded in your device, either from the Mobile or the Desktop app. Before you download any course or resource from Tembo, please make sure that you are connected to the interned and that you have enough space in your device’s local memory to store them.

I cannot see my course in MY LEARNING section, what can I do?

Make sure you scroll all the way down the "MY LEARNING" page to load all courses. If you are unable to find a course, it's likely that you are not enrolled yet. We suggest you click on "VIEW CATALOGUE" to search the course, then check which enrolment options are available.

I cannot find a course I wanted to do on the mobile application. Where do I find it?

Not all courses are available in the Desktop and/or mobile applications. If you don’t find a course you saw in the web in the mobile application, it is likely that the course is not available for mobile application. We suggest you to filter your search by compatibility, selecting "Available for mobile".
You can sort courses by compatibility using the catalogue's filters to see what courses is available in your application.

Are courses always open?

Although many courses are visible in the catalogue some have restricted access, meaning that you have to apply to be able to access them or be involved in the training. You can find information on how to apply on the course information page usually under “HOW TO ENROL”.

Tembo Applications

I am already registered to Tembo, can I log into the mobile application with the same account?

Yes you can switch from one device to another. Use the same e-mail and password to connect to your Tembo account, whether it is with the Tembo application or the website.

Can I connect via mobile data?

Yes, however we recommend you to download courses and application updates via WiFi, so that you don’t use your personal data.
Please note that WIFI connection might be worse than mobile under certain circumstances, for example, because of the lack of sufficient infrastructure/coverage (especially in the field), as well as bandwidth restrictions (in case multiple users are connected simultaneously to the same hotspot where there is low connectivity).
Both connections can be used to download the training material, however everything depends on the above mentioned conditions (quality of the infrastructure, coverage, bandwidth, etc.)

If I download a course how can I access it without Internet later?

The benefits of the mobile application include the possibility to download a course and then use the content to learn without Internet, when and where you want You will find the course in Tembo applications after you downloaded it. The course will be saved on the user device's memory.
Once you access the Internet again, remember to re-open your Tembo application so that your progress is synchronized, and that you can receive a certificate or digital badge if applicable.

Where can I find the list of courses I have enrolled to?

You can find the courses you are enrolled in the “My Learning” section.
To find new courses, look in the catalogue.

Why are some courses not available in the mobile application?

Some courses are not supported by the mobile application due to their structure and if it is too heavy to be downloaded. Please go to "catalogue" and use "filter" and "available for mobile" to see which courses are available on the mobile application. We are progressively add more courses to the mobile application. If you want to give a feedback about available offline courses, don’t hesitate to write to zenithelp.tembo@barcelona.msf.org.

How can I free up space in my device? Will my learning history be lost?

You can see the space usage in the Tembo application by Selecting more--> App settings--> Space usage, from here you can delete the stored data. All the downloaded courses will be removed at once, but your personal data and learning history will not be lost. Here are the requirements of the mobile device MobileDeviceSpecifications.docx (sharepoint.com)

Is Tembo accessible on a computer?

Yes, you can access Tembo via the website tembo.msf.org, or download Tembo desktop application.

My mobile app is not working on my device, why?

Please make sure your device meets the apps requirement: Android devices (minimum 5 version) and iPhones (minimum 11 version). You can usually check the version of your phone by going into your phone settings.

How do I download Tembo mobile application with my smartphone?

Supported smartphones for Tembo mobile application are all Android devices (minimum 5 version) and iPhones (minimum 11 version). Please download the application on Play Store for Android, and Apple Store for iOs, under the name "MSF Tembo Learning".

Why is the desktop application not downloading properly on my laptop?

Make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection to download the desktop application. If the issue persists, ask your ICT supervisor or log manager for support, in case the issue would be related to administration rights or your device.

How do I download Tembo desktop application with my laptop?

Go on Tembo homepage: Tembo (msf.org) and click on Apps. Click on the button Tembo apps and then click on Download Desktop app. Go into the Downloads file of your computer and double click on the Tembo Desktop setup file that you just downloaded. Once it is installed, look in your Desktop and you will find the application

What do I do if my Desktop application is not working on my laptop?

Please make sure you have installed the last version of the Desktop app, otherwise, we recommend you try to reinstall it.

How do I download Tembo desktop application with my laptop?

Go to Tembo home page Tembo apps Download Desktop app. You can also directly click on this link from your laptop.

Community of Practice

What is a Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a learning space where members learn from each other's experiences and knowledge. In complement to formal training, a CoP will allow you to share with others your best practices, past experiences and actual challenges you face in the field. At the same time, you will be able to enrich yourself from others experiences and also co-create new solutions and ideas together.

How do I access a Community of Practice?

You can see the Communities of Practice hosted in Tembo by clicking on the “Communities” link on the main menu at the left side of the screen if using Tembo web, or at the bottom of the screen if using the App. The list of communities that are available for you to join (either by direct membership or upon request), along with the ones you are already a member of, will be displayed. Click on the name of the one you are interested to join to get to the information page for that particular Community.
Before you join a Community, make sure to read, understand and agree on the CoP participation rules. This is important to ensure that all members contribute to safe and constructive exchanges. Then you may finish the joining process by typing the enrolment key (if joining a community upon request and you have already received the key by email) or just click on the “join” button.

What can I do as a member of a Community of Practice ?

Once in the Community of Practice, you will be able to: 1.) Connect with other colleagues: you can have a look to all members profiles and get in touch with other members (according to their location, their previous experiences in MSF and their knowledge on certain subjects);
2.) Use the conversations to talk with other members, post questions, share relevant information and contribute to new ideas;
3.) Share a field challenge you are actually facing or you faced in previous missions or contribute with your ideas to other's field challenges.

How do I participate to the Community of Practice's Conversations?

In the Conversations area, you can either create a new topic conversation (if you have a question or want to share a particular experience or practice) or reply to others' posts. In the challenges, you can contribute to the active challenges with your ideas and experiences. You can also post your own challenge by requesting previously the challenge owner rights to the CoP´s focal point or facilitator.

How do I become a member of Community of Practice?

If you are eligible to become a member of a Community of Practice, you will have to read and accept the participation rules, and then you will be a member. If you want to know more on how to access the CoP go to the question "How do I access".

I need help to complete my profile information, who should I ask?

Once you join a CoP, you will be prompted by the website to update your profile. You will be then redirected to your profile page, where you will be required to provide info about your past missions, areas of experience, etc. Select your information and save them. If after this step, you still encounter issues related to your profile information, contact us at zenithelp.tembo@barcelona.msf.org.

I have found an inappropriate content in the Community of Practice , how do I report it?

If you identify an idea or advice which seems inappropriate or risky for the beneficiaries or for MSF staff, you can flag the post. Click on the "Report content" button below the post, and fill the form explaining why you think this content is inappropriate. The facilitator will be notified and check further the content of the post, and contact a relevant person if necessary to check a risky practice . If necessary, the facilitator will rectify the information shared in the post.

I am a member of a CoP, but I do no longer see it in the Communities' catalogue

The access to some CoP might be restricted by OC. In case you have changed your OC, it might be that you don’t have access anymore to the CoP. You will be able to access it again in the future if you are back to your previous OC. Having said that, we hope that most Communities will accept members from any OC in the future.

How do I post a new Challenge?

Go to "Field challenges" (on the left side if on Tembo web or on the bottom of the screen if using Tembo app) . Once in "Field challenges" click on "Add challenge". Fill in the requested information and click on "Save and view". If you need more information, there is a more detailed explanation on the Challenge main page. If you have any question, contact the facilitator!

Local Servers

How to Reset your password on local servers?

You can reset a local server following the steps below:
Step1: From the login screen right under the login section click on the link “Forgotten username or password”
Step 2: Select Email Address option then type in your email address then press Search an email with a rest option has been sent to your personal email address. Please check their and follow the steps.
NB: Please note that resetting passwords on local servers takes 24 hours due to synchronization. If you have not received your password please send an email zenithelp.tembo@barcelona.msf.org. if you have forgotten your email address or cannot access internet please talk to your FICT Officer or Logistician for support.

How to connect to a Tembo local server (Android)?

Tembo has its own wireless network name (WiFi SSID)which is called “MSFOCBA-TEMBO”. It allows you to access Tembo from the Local server. Please follow the following simple stepls to connect to Tembo WiFi from Smartphones, tablets or Laptops.
1.From home screen click on Settings
2.Click on Network & internet.
3.Switch-on WiFi by clicking the button next to WiFi
4.Click on WiFi “MSFOCBA-TEMBO¨
5.Request the WiFI password from your ICT officer or Logistics and fill in the password area
6.Now you are ready to access Tembo
7.Click on “Local” and fill your user name and password to access Tembo from the local server installed in your MSF office

How to connect to a Tembo local server (Microsoft Windows)

1.Switch on WiFi and click on it
2. Go to MSFOCBA-TEMBO and click on “connect”
3. Fill the password and you will be connected to the local Tembo WiFi
4. Open your web browser (Chrome or Firefox), 4.1. Write IP address here and click Enter
4.2. Scroll down and click “Download now” to download the Desktop app to your computer
4.3. From the option here, click on the last one which is “Download Desktop App” and wait until the download finishes
4.4. Click on the downloaded .exe file as shown below. Run the .exe file
4.5. Wait until the installation to finish
4.6. Once installation finished go to your desktop and open the app, and click on “Local” to access Tembo from the Local server

What if I have a problem accessing Tembo Offline?

Tembo offline is only available in projects where a local server has been installed. If this is your case, and you keep having difficulties, contact the logistician of your project, or a Tembo Ambassador.
We also developed material to help you using the local servers, click here to consult them. If you still have issues, please contact our support service by sending an e-mail at zenithelp.tembo@barcelona.msf.org.

What are the benefits of the local connection (through a local server)?

Connecting to Tembo through local servers in the field allows you to access Tembo without internet.

When I click on "Local" on the app, it tells me to check my connection, what should I do?

Make sure you are connected to MSFOCBA TEMBO WiFi. If the error persists please ask your mission IT officer or Project logistician for support. You can also contact zenithelp.tembo@barcelona.msf.org.

The Local Server shows only a black screen what should I do? (For Logistics staff)

Restart the server and check if it is gone, if not please report to Tembo technical team through the email address: zenithelp.tembo@barcelona.msf.org..

How can I ensure the Local server is connected to the Internet ? (for Logisticians)

Check if the server is connected to the router via network cable and check if the IP of the server is

Do you have a course for Maintaining Tembo Local servers (OCBA)? )

Yes, but it is only for OCBA ICT or logisticians to work with Tembo local servers. For more information please contact: zenithelp.tembo@barcelona.msf.org.

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