MSF staff often face barriers to learning and development opportunities due to the remoteness and poor connectivity in our projects. Tembo will provide missions with full access to relevant content, reaching field staff that currently lack access to current MSF learning programs. By incorporating learning solutions that are adapted to user needs into the platform, Tembo will help to better prepare frontline staff implementing medical and humanitarian interventions, which in turn will improve the quality of care for our patients.

We have a great opportunity in MSF to improve the way we learn. If we start using Tembo, our missions will have better prepared staff who will implement project activities with better quality and higher impact, including improved quality of care for our patients. In the future, once Tembo is implemented in OCBA, we believe it can be scaled up, adopted by other OCs and adapted to local languages and contexts.

Last modified: Tuesday, 26 January 2021, 10:06 AM