About the Course

The course covers the main areas of responsibility of the Field Coordinator (FC) and Project Medical Referent (PMR) positions, and enhances the importance of their collaboration, information management and sharing, as well as close teamwork. 

The course has two parts, the pre-course, where participants work individually on reading materials, activities and courses that are preparing them to successfully engage in the second part of the course. The pre-course is self-paced during approximately one month, while the second part is a two-week full-time course, requiring active work of approximately 6 hours per day.   

The second part of the course is based on the case study of Calamuchita project, bringing the participants as close as possible to real life scenarios and situations they might face. The course combines individual, pair and group work. 


This course is designed for willing candidates who have demonstrated the capacity to occupy the positions of Field Coordinator and Project Medical Referent in the future, and is available to all candidates who pass the predefined selection process after talking with their pool managers and HRCos if they are on mission.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will have acquired basic skills to carry out an appropriate humanitarian and medical situation analysis, be able to set priorities, define medical operational strategies, and monitor and ensure the quality of our services. 

List of Contents

The course covers the following areas: 

  • Context Analysis 
  • Security Analysis 
  • Intervention Design 
  • Supervision and Monitoring 
  • Designing an Emergency Response 
  • Managing a Security Incident 
  • Annual Planning 
  • Handover