Health Promotion and Community Engagement

About the Course

Through the experience of Merry, new HP manager in Sarka State (a fictitious situation), you will learn about health promotion with community engagement in MSF and how to design and implement a strategic HP workplan.   

You will be able to assess what you have learned through regular “knowledge tests” and will be asked to answer questions in your learner journal. We recommend you take notes in this journal or in a separate notebook. 

At the end of each module we will ask you to reflect on current practices in your project. We encourage you to share those reflections in the forum posts on the HP Community of Practice on SherlogBefore you begin the course please make sure to create an account on Sherlog and explore the platform. Click here to create an account on Sherlog.  

In the "Resources" section of each module, you will find additional information, articles and resources. 

We hope that this course will be useful and interesting for you!  

Learning Objectives

On completion of this course you will be able to:  

  • Advocate for the added value of health promotion with community engagement in an MSF project 

  • Develop a strategic Health Promotion and Community Engagement (HP & CE) workplan that is informed by a community-based approach and integrated in the project’s strategy 

  • Reflect on your own position as a humanitarian worker in a medical project in which the community and patient are partners 

  • Ensure that the strategic HP&CE workplan is adapted to the context and the medical priorities.

List of Contents


Key Concepts in Health Promotion 

Anthropology and its relevance for Health Promotion 

An Introduction to the HP & CE Strategic Workplan 


Design and Planning 


Set up the team 


Examples from the field 


You will receive a Badge and certification when you complete all 9 modules.  


This training is a flexible e-learning meaning that is an open course and that you can accomplish it at your own pace. It combines modules, audio, a learner journal and documents to read 

 Before you get started 

  • Make sure to inform your manager when you participate in this training in order to have the necessary time, the space, the required documents and a computer available.  

  • Make sure that you have time to do the course and the additional course work.  

  • There is no time limit on the course, however we recommend that you complete all modules within one month. 

  • The course is available offline on your desktop, mobile or tablet. To view it offline you will need to download the Tembo app on your preferred device and follow the course there.  Click here to download the Tembo app.  

  • It is responsive on mobile, but for your learning experience we recommend doing it on a computer.  To take the course on your mobile or tablet, you will need to download the Tembo app on your preferred device and follow the course there. Click here to download the Tembo app. 


The course is open for all staff from all OCs interested in HP. Regardless of your profile and your experience in HP and CE, you are welcome to take part in the training. If you are non-medical, the two first modules (Key Concepts in Health Promotion and Anthropology and its relevance for Health Promotion) might be of particular interest for you.  

Coordinators are encouraged to follow the course to understand how they can support the HP team in the implementation of the HP strategic workplan.  

Please note that the course is mandatory for HP managers and HP supervisors.