Logistics and Supply Chain

UniField: Aligning the Configuration to the Operational Context

About the Course

Welcome to the UniField: Aligning the Configuration to the Operational Context (OCB) training!  This training is designed to demonstrate the relationship between the operational context, the UniField configuration, and reliable data quality. 


This course is intended for OCB field profiles that are responsible for the assessment, development and/or implementation of Supply processes in an OCB mission that uses UniField, namely: Supply Coordinators, Supply Team Leaders, UniField Supply Focal Points, Project Supply Managers, Supply Chain Officers (HQ). 

Learning Objectives

The objective is that after completing this training, participants will be able to identify and correct misalignments between the operational context, existing UniField encoding processes and the UniField configuration.

List of Contents

  • Video detailing how to configure UniField to align with the operational context
  • Guideline detailing the UF OCB processes with standardized encoding procedures
  • Introduction and explanation of the default stock locations in UniField
  • Links to supporting materials including webinars and tutorial videos 


Upon course completion, participants will be awarded a badge and a certificate.