FMHA Course Unit 6: Organisational positioning (advocacy, communications, networking, representation)

About the Course

This is the course unit 6 of the Fellowship in Medical Humanitarian Action: Organisational Positioning (Advocacy, Communications, Networking, Representation). In this course unit, you will develop your competencies and skills in a number of interlinked practices and concepts including advocacy, networking, representation, temoignage and communications.


Note: this is only compulsory information for courses that are manual enrolment or require enrolment key, in which case it should be clear to the user exactly who to contact. You will be enrolled to this course after being selected for the Fellowship in Medical Humanitarian Action. The selection is done once per year and communicated through the pool managers, development advisors and HRcos.




This course unit is available to all the participants to the Fellowship course of Medical Humanitarian Action.


100 H

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course unit, you will be able to:

  • Organize analysis and leverage for advocacy purposes taking into account cultural differences and different points of view 
  • Lead advocacy activities
  • Create an effective network
  • Implement strategies to ensure MSF visibility in the medical humanitarian space
  • Use evidence to inform decision-making
  • Communicate advocacy messages efficiently (oral, written…)

List of Contents

Module 0: Introduction

Module 1: Issues in Medical Humanitarianism Action

Module 2: Foundations of Advocacy

Module 3: Networking and Engagement

Module 4: Temoignage and Communications

Module 5: Conclusion